William Schulz [About Us]

William Schulz
President ima

As a senior designer and landscape architect with 30 years experience, Bill Schulz has led the master landscape planning and design of some of the highest profile projects in the United States, Asia and the Middle East. His broad experience includes large urban planning projects, design and project supervision of new and updated construction, including resorts, visitor destinations, theme parks, new communities, as well as mixed-use residential and corporate developments.

Mr. Schulz’s international experience enriched his art and heightened his sensitivity to the importance of the urban context as it relates to, and reflects, its participants. His award-winning portfolio reflects this exposure to multiple artistic and cultural influences, which have helped him to create projects of enduring quality and substance.

As president of ima, Mr. Schulz’s expertise extends through every aspect of the design process including programming, concept development, master planning, schematic design, final design and construction documentation. He personally oversees multiple projects from conception through completion.