Garfield World Welcomes You! – MCM Group Creates a New Branded Learning Experience

Dec 11, 2015 | Press Room

Garfield World: Be Happy

December 11, 2015, Nationwide, China.


Garfield is the perfect international Children’s Brand:

    Garfield is the world’s most widely syndicated comic strip
  • The Garfield cartoon show was recently rated number one on Chinese television
  • Garfield merchandise is ranked in the top ten of character sales in the world
  • Garfield values are critical for success — confident, self-assertive, self-directed, self-reliant, fun-loving, affectionate

Garfield World utilizes the most advanced international learning programs while offering children, in two groups of 1-8 year-olds and 8-14 year-olds, the best children’s center experience imaginable.

Each Center has five Program Zones:

  • Membership Education Zone
  • Public Hi-tech Activity Zone
  • Public Climbing and Adventure Area
  • Garfield Café
  • Garfield Gift Shop

Garfield World includes the following unique distinguishing features:

  • Garfield Centers are designed to be placed in malls or standalone centers as well as in outdoor settings.
  • Indoor Centers are sized from 1,700 – 2,500 SM
  • Mall owners have an opportunity to have a Garfield Center either as an owned attraction or as a leased space
  • MCM will grant exclusive regional rights to a select number of developers to own Garfield Centers
  • Developers will own 100% of each Center they develop
  • MCM charges an annual license fee for each center
  • Estimated cost for a Center is 6-10 million RMB including start-up budget
  • Estimated Net Profit – 40%

MCM provides the following Garfield Services:

  • The Exclusive Garfield License
  • Center layout & design
  • Operations & Maintenance Manual
  • Employee Training Manual
  • Employee Training
  • Access to approved Garfield merchandise
  • Education Materials
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Operating Budgets & Software
  • Garfield Center website
  • Center installation services if requested
  • Management Team if requested

MCM provides all the materials and training for the American-based teaching program for children aged 1 – 14. Matching the activities to the individual needs of each child allows them to fully grasp each step in the learning process. Since our teaching methods and the available materials focus on the natural way children learn, this approach presents many opportunities for creative expression and pursuit of individual interests as well as the acquisition of specific academic skills.

The brand identity of Garfield is strong: it’s the world’s largest syndicated cartoon series and widely known in China. Chinese parents possess a very positive view of Garfield and feel it represents the best of western values. Parents associate ‘trusted quality’ and a‘high-level experience’ with international brands like Garfield.

Interesting fact: the Garfield brand denotes fun for children.

The teaching methods of Garfield World’s American program is based upon developmentally appropriate learning – meaning that instead of emphasizing group instruction as in China, Garfield World will match lessons to the individual needs of each child to allow them to fully grasp each step in the learning process, giving each child the greatest chance for success.

Garfield World is supported by a host of promotional campaigns, social media and special events to drive membership and attendance. Garfield Cares, an associate philanthropic course, will help to promote the program while conveying a positive social image to the public.

Garfield World offers a select buying cooperative for specialized children’s items from America.