Mitchell Meets to Discuss Transforming Hainan Province

Sep 11, 2010 | Press Room

Minister of Propaganda Tan Li, of the Hainan Province, welcomed Michael C. Mitchell, CEO of MGM Group International, and unveiled plans for Hainan province to build an international destination travel island.

Intended to be China’s next entertainment hub, Hainan is expected to receive some 3.5 trillion Yuan (US $523 billion) over the next 11 years. Tan Li shared with Mitchell the Chinese government’s intention to use Qionghai as the testing ground for the development of a world-class travel destination.

“Employing sustainable planning, development and construction will be critical to the longevity of this project,” said Mitchell. “The island has vast tourism resources; soft sandy beaches, blue waters, tropical rainforests, and year-round sunshine. The key to leveraging these natural wonders is to employ proven green practices in every area of development and construction.”

“In addition,” he continued, “with so much competition, it will be critical for Hainan and Qionghai to differentiate themselves to create a unique brand that is compelling enough to attract the tourism they desire.”

Tan Li expressed his appreciation and interest in utilizing Mitchell’s experience and expertise in helping his government realize their goals.  More talks will be planned in the future between the head of MCM Group International and Tan Li with an eye towards collaboration on the next exciting travel destination for both domestic and international tourists.