MCM Group Invited to Speak at “2013 Green China” Workshop by China Institute of Building Standard Design and Research

Sep 5, 2013 | Press Room

September 5, 2013, Beijing, China. MCM Group was invited to participate in “2013 Green China” Workshop to share their expertise on sustainable urban planning. The participants of the conference included senior building experts, research scholars, heads of well-known architectural institutes and contractors; and executives from green building materials manufacturers. John Wells, MCM Group China Design Director, delivered MCM Group’s keynote address.

John shared MCM Group’s sustainable planning philosophy – “Development of a sustainable city-how city transforms from an energy consumer into a provider.” The presentation focused on four issues:

  • •   What is a Sustainable Community?
  • •   Why Build Sustainably?
  • •   What Does it Cost to Build Sustainably?
  • •   Different Strategies to Achieve Sustainable Communities
  • John summed up his presentation by stating that “Becoming a “green” economy can provide China with millions of new jobs, reduce energy costs, help clean-up the environment, as well as a long-term sustainable society.”