MCM Group Participates in Beijing Seminar on “The Utilization of Vacuum Reinforced Glass on Building Restoration”

May 16, 2013 | Press Room


May 16, 2013, Beijing. MCM’s Design Director, John Wells, was invited to participate in a seminar on “The Utilization of Vacuum Reinforced Glasses on Building Restoration”. Because MCM Group has experience utilizes hi-tech solutions in solving key building issues, John Wells was invited by Hengda VIG to participate in their seminar on utilizing vacuum reinforced glass in various applications, most especially in historic building restoration and protection.

Not long before, a glass window in the Forbidden City was broken by a tourist, which generated much discussion by the public about how best to preserve important cultural buildings. These discussions focusing on ancient building restoration and protection of displayed historical relics was triggered by a statement by authorities of the Forbidden City, who stated that there were various difficulties regarding the preservation of ancient building and heritages today.

On May 16, Hengda VIG hosted a media seminar focusing on “The Utilization of Vacuum Reinforced Glasses on Building Restoration” in Grand Millennium Beijing. Mr. Liu Chengwei, president of Hengda VIG, introduced the concept of Vacuum Reinforced Glass and the utilization of such glass on buildings, engineering, military industry, and civil use, especially on building restoration. The company also showed their latest Vacuum Reinforced Glass product. Mr. John Wells, presented ideas on building restoration and maintenance.

Mr. Wells emphasized the point that the value of good materials can only be maximized as long as it integrated into good design.