MCM Hires Matt Harmon

Feb 22, 2012 | Press Room

MCM hires Matt Harmon who will leverage his experience in solar design and background in physics to strengthen MCM’s sustainable design team. Mr. Harmon received his M. Arch degree from SCI-Arc, a cutting edge design based architectural school located in downtown Los Angeles. Mr. Harmon also holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Master of Science degree in Physics from Idaho State University.

Mr. Harmon joins MCM with broad based experience in science and architecture. Prior to diversifying his career path, Mr. Harmon worked as a research scientist, technical consultant and project coordinator in the field of solar physics. As part of the MCM Group science continues to guide and inform his approach to architecture. During his matriculation at SCI-Arc, he was actively involved in the Solar Decathlon, an experience that solidified his interest in sustainable design. Mr. Harmon has also been LEED certified.

Mr. Harmon’s breadth of design interests include furniture and interior fittings in addition to construction and urban planning. “I enjoy working on projects of different sizes and magnitudes because it allows me to think about the various scales at which people interact with their environment. How we experience space is tempered by all of our senses, from the feel of the doorknob, sound of our footfalls ascending a staircase, and to the images we catalog in our minds as we traverse through space. So, in the same way a scientist builds an understanding of a system or process by examining constituent parts, a designer works at different scales and design providing the ability to discover synergies across these parts, thus producing an architecture that is holistic in its affects.”

Mr. Harmon is particularly interested in the work MCM is doing in China. “China is where progress is being made, not only in building technology, but also the production of culture, something in which architecture plays a large roll. The projects MCM has completed and lie ahead in the future is no undersized part of this. The opportunity to be involved in these projects is exciting.”

In his spare time Mr. Harmon enjoys playing music in a band, reading, sketching, running, and hunting for vintage clothing and furniture. He also enjoys being in nature from which he draws inspiration for design. “For me, architecture is ultimately about our relationship with our environment. It ought to magnify our experience of it and deepen our appreciation for it.”