Qinghe Snoopy Park Wins the IDG Golden Creativity Award

Aug 27, 2015 | Press Room

August 27, 2015, Beijing, China. The third Golden-Creativity International Space Design Competition Award was held in Beijing. Snoopy Theme Park, designed by MCM, was awarded the Commercial Exhibition Space Design Silver Award.

This competition has attracted thousands of competitors from all over the world. Thousands of entries competed in the categories of hotel, catering, commercial exhibition, soho, villa and landscape design.

The judges were impressed by the creative concept which strongly enhanced the experiential experience, incorporated significant detail and boosted the commercial value of the Snoopy Theme Park designed by MCM.

Senior architect Joseph Bernstein of MCM was invited to the award. “The goal of building Snoopy Theme Park is to add value to commercial space and provide value to weekend family clients,” Joseph stated.

Award winners of this competition will have their projects featured in exhibitions and promotions in Dubai, Italy, Britain, France and United States. They will also be invited to visit several design colleges.