Tianjin Design Week: “The Future is Now ”

May 13, 2017 | Press Room

Michael Mitchell, CEO of MCM Group International
Michael Mitchell, CEO of MCM Group International, was invited to attend the opening ceremony of “The Future Is Now” Tianjin Design Week and delivered the keynote speech of “Digital Brings Changes to Entertainment Experience” on May 13, 2017.
May 13, 2017, Tianjin, PRC. “The work of a designer goes beyond design. The profound perception of art and the pursuit of experience for end-users cannot be isolated from designs. This is why a designer’s full-process participation from programming to operation can help him/her improve the holistic perception of a project. As the younger generation is totally immersed in the fast development of science and technologies, there is often reluctance from them to visit a conventional museum. To achieve better educational results, designers are required to bring substantial digital, technological and interactive experience into the design of a facility. Ideas from designers’ mind, papers and screens fly in front of people through technologies.”
MCM Group designed exhibition-purposed venues including Oklahoma City Museum, Kahramaa Awareness Museum in Qatar and COFCO Eco Valley and witnessed the great changes brought by modern technologies to conventional visiting experience. The visiting activities have evolved from being passive to more interactive and interesting active experience.
We believe that the technological development requires designers to be more sensitive to the psychological and sensory needs of end-user experiences and to have more people-oriented implementation of their design schemes.
“The Future Is Now” Tianjin Design Week