Bring the Best to Countryside Following No. 1 Central Document

Jan 19, 2017 | Press Room

January 19, 2017, Beijing, PRC. After the Spring Festival, the first important matter in the New Year will be the No. 1 Central Policy Document which addresses the “Three Rural Issues”. The document points out that the principal contradiction in the agricultural sector has transformed from the total quantity insufficiency to the structural contradiction. The main aspect of the contradiction is the supply side. To push forward the supply-side structural reform, it is required to take the goal of increasing farmers’ income and ensuring effective supply, with the main direction to improve the quality of the agricultural supply and with systematic reform and mechanism innovation as fundamental methodology. The document has also elaborated 33 measures in 6 aspects.

Michael Mitchell, CEO of MCM Group International, based on his understanding of the international development trends and his extensive experience, put forth the conclusion long before that China were about to step into the development phase of rapidly upgrading its rural areas. In the recent years, following Mr. Mitchell’s strategic planning, MCM Group has been dedicated to the planning and design for agricultural projects in rural areas. In April, 2016, MCM Group entered into comprehensive strategic partnership with Luneng Group and jointly launched the “Beautiful Countryside” product line in an effort to upgrade the development model in rural areas across the country. The design concept of the “Beautiful Countryside” product line is a perfect embodiment of the spirit of the No. 1 Central Document and has provided workable solutions based on the measures proposed by the central government.

To upgrade the agricultural supply-side reform requires the coordination between the urban and rural developments. Starting with the rural regions close to the suburbs of the cities, the “Beautiful Countryside” focuses on “developing rural leisure tourism industries”, “fostering livable and employment-facilitating featured towns” and building a close resource-sharing link between the rural areas and the cities; through tourism drawing investment to improve the rural infrastructure, “building beautiful and livable rural environment”, and “improving the basic public services in rural areas”, with efforts to enable farmers to enjoy convenient and comfortable lives as in the cities.

Bring Best to Coutryside 01

Based on the above, MCM designed 5 functional zones in the “Beautiful Countryside” product line. “Modern Agricultural Industrial Park” – Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) Demonstration Zone and Agricultural Production Zone are the innovative elements to promote rural structural upgrades and the core components to facilitate “the integration between primary, secondary and tertiary industries”. Luneng signs production collaboration contracts with farmers’ alliance, takes an overall approach to the CSA base, unifies quality and production standards, provides agricultural materials such as seeds and takes the responsibility for product purchasing, marketing and cold chain logistics. By “actively developing moderate-scale operations”, it helps to improve the production and management. Coupling with Luneng’s “Internet-based Business Platform and Logistics”, it not only can strengthen the advantageous and featured industries, but also effectively facilitate “the development of modern food processing industries” in rural regions. The quality is controlled throughout the entire process from farm fields to dining tables, so as to “comprehensively elevate the quality and safety of agricultural products”.

In the aspect of environmental protection, CSA Agricultural Demonstration Zone adheres to the design philosophy of Permaculture.

The agricultural ecological system has abundant species and strong natural adaptability. With basic realization of ecological cycle within the park, the ecological economic system will be established in order to “promote green production and enhance sustainable development capability”.

Bring Best to Coutryside 02

With the integrated development of primary, secondary, tertiary industries in the beautiful countryside, farmers’ employment will become diversified. With the development of industrial platforms providing incubation services and “the advancement of Agricultural Technological Park”, “the human resources in rural areas will be developed”. This will further “improve the rural labor force transfer and the new system of entrepreneurship and innovation in rural areas”.

Bring Best to Coutryside 03

The key to foster livable and employment-facilitating towns and create a rural mixed-use complex which integrates circular and creative agriculture as well as farming experience is to realize the interaction and correlation between multiple factors and promote the healthy operation of the entire rural industry development system. To achieve the effective interaction between the multiple factors in the five functional zones is the winning condition for Luneng’s Beautiful Countryside Product Line to follow the strategic planning of the nation and push for future overall development.

With rural tourism as starting point, the Beautiful Countryside Product Line follows the key thread of the integration and upgrading of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, and has turned in a satisfactory answer of continuity and workability respecting the No. 1 Central Document. With the completion of the “Beautiful Countryside” projects across China, MCM Group will make an important contribution in the new historic era of China’s agricultural modernization.