May 25, 2014, Shenzhen, China. John M. Wells, Design Director of MCM Group, was invited to attend the International Seminar on Planning and Development of Theme Park & Cultural Tourism Real Estate. The seminar focused on the approaches that cities and developers can take to develop regional economies through the cultural tourism sector, as well the branding strategies that can be adopted during the process. Well-known property developers including Oversea Chinese Town Group, Wanda Group and Citic Guo’an Group attended the seminar. Mr. Wells gave a lecture to the audience.

Mr. Wells has extensive experience in the fields of theme park design, planning, green building, sustainability and environmental science. In his over 100-page presentation, he introduced the latest trends of the cultural tourism sector, its current landscape in China, its development directions and the elevation of its economic values. Through multiple case studies, he shared his insights on how to boost the economy of a city with the cultural tourism sector. His speech garnered frequent applause from the audience.

MCM Group sincerely hopes to see more and more design professionals and project leaders participate in this academic platform in order to explore the new development directions of the sector together.