Lifestyles in Future Cities Deserve More Attention than Freestyle

Jul 15, 2017 | Press Room

Michael Mitchell, CEO of MCM Group International delivered the keynote speech
July 15, 2017, Beijing, PRC. Hosted by Suqian People’s Government and co-organized by Suqian Planning Bureau, China Building Center (CBC) and Urban·Environment·Design Magzine (UED), the “Design for Suqian” & “Natian Cup” Sustainable Design International Competition & Seminar was successfully held in Shanghai on July 15, 2017. Michael Mitchell, CEO of MCM Group International, attended the meeting and delivered the keynote speech.
Mr. Mitchell pointed out that the core spirit of the international competition should be the interaction between inspiration and innovation. This could help to get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh to the urban design theories nowadays, and take a multi-disciplinary perspective of human’s lifestyles in a goal to lead the design philosophies.
The current urban design theories have many limitations such as the negligence in environmental protection, no considerations of the needs of people and their pursuit of quality life as well as the lack of Big Data and AI support during the design.
In order to build new livable cities, we need to base the planning on the bioscience and information technologies and take the harmonious coexistence of human and Nature as the objective; our design should focus on the application of the building science and integrate with Big Data and AI systems. Only by doing this can we achieve higher-quality life and the sustainable development of cities against the backdrop of high population density.
Mr. Mitchell called on for the establishment of a Global Forum on Eco Cities to realize the communication on the design philosophies of new-type livable cities on a regular basis.
Michael Mitchell, CEO of MCM Group International and Maggie Lui at meeting