MCM Cares: Beijing Qizhi School – Let Love Be Always With Us

Sep 27, 2017 | Press Room

MCM Cares and Qizhi School Group Photo
September 27, 2017, Beijing, PRC. Michael Mitchell, CEO of MCM Group International, together with the delegation of his staff, visited Beijing Qizhi Rehabilitation Center on September 27, 2017, bringing donations and care.

CM Group's CEO Michael Mitchell and Qizhi School Principal GAO Maocheng
Qizhi School Principal GAO Maocheng and MCM Group International CEP Michael Mitchell made remarks respectively. Principal GAO pointed out that the school helped autism-inflicted and mentally handicapped children to overcome the difficulty of going to school. It was dedicated to special education by embracing the students with love and creating a healthy and happy growing and educational environment with the attention and helps from the society. He represented the school to present the Award of Boundless Love to MCM Group. Mr. Mitchell said that MCM Group would continue their devotion to children-caring activities, with concrete actions to influence more people and pass on more love and hope to help more children.

We’ve seen the changes of each child, from being quiet at the beginning to now making performances independently, where we can feel the hard work by both the children and the teachers. These children are always so innocent and see the world with clearest eyes. They always feel the world with their heart and treat everyone they encounter in their life with sincerity.

Beijing Jimin Qizhi Rehabilitation Center was approved by Shunyi District Bureau of Civil Affairs of Beijing as private non-enterprise organization and was officially brought into the administration of Beijing Bureau of Civil Affairs in September, 2016. Beijing Qizhi School a full-service integrated rehabilitation institution for preschool early rehabilitation, school-age children integrated education, occupational training and employment guidance. The school is operated on the donations from individuals and enterprises. The autism-inflicted and mentally handicapped children have always been disadvantaged groups and require more helps from individuals, organizations and institutions. We also appeal to more people to be involved into children-caring activities. MCM Group International will never stop the footsteps for passing on the love and attention.