MCM Cares teamed up with MOGUMAMA and MCM WITOP for a Mother’s Day Fundraiser to Alleviate Poverty

May 11, 2018 | Press Room

Postal Parcels for Mothers Event

May 11, 2018, Beijing, China. MCM Cares, in collaboration with MOGUMAMA and MCM WITOP, are co-sponsoring a program for the alleviation of mothers in poverty for the Mother’s Day event. Incy Wincy Kids and DAILY YOGA join in support of this fundraiser. MCM Group International (MCM Group) calls out for others to join in this effort.

Even the profound saying, “All the world’s glory and pride come from mothers”, doesn’t even come close to reflecting the true meaning of “mother”. MCM Group wholeheartedly embraces the importance of the mother’s role.

Although China has a nationwide program to address the challenge of overcoming poverty, impoverished families still exist in remote regions, with problems of food and clothing shortage and disease that afflict mothers and their families.

All the world’s glory and pride come from mothers

MCM Cares encourages others to bring their compassionate heart and their kids to raise funds for a special charity, “Mother’s Parcel Post”, a project initiated by ACWF, the All-China Women’s Federation. This project gives daily necessities and solutions for impoverished mothers.

Mothers Day Fundraiser Event

The free parent-kid yoga event advocates life through health and sustainability, planned on Mother’s Day (May 13th), in two locations, the Olympic Forest Park and Beijing Sun Park. This event gives participants the gifts of yoga – the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of focusing one’s breath in asana (poses). Our sponsorship will donate 100 RMB for every family in attendance.

Mother's Day Event Fundraiser


On May 13, Sunday, Mother’s Day
At Olympic Forest Park and Beijing Sun Park

A Free Yoga Experience

Sponsor will donate 100 RMB towards the “Mother’s Parcel Post” project with each family in attendance

What You Get:

  • A positive interactive activity that parents and children could experience together
  • Foster kindness and gratitude in children
  • Understand “Life is not easy” (challenging poses)
  • Gain “Fruits of Labor” (physical, mental and spiritual rewards from enduring poses)
  • A “Badge of Love” souvenir
  • Create a valuable memory and reinforce well-being

Mother's Day Event QR

For the Event:

  • Bring a yoga mat, drink and food
  • Take care of your kids and attend to their safety
  • Bring your own DIY poster material
  • Bring carnations for charity sale

MCM Cares, MOGUMAMMA, MCM WITOP sincerely invite you and your child to share your love in this harmonious and cheerful Mother’s Day event. Thank you!

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