MCM Group designs a creative outdoor parent-child farmland – “Forest Kindergarten” for Children

Dec 27, 2016 | Press Room

MCM Group focuses on designing top-level children’s projects. For the past six years MCM has been designing agriculture based projects. With Chinese parents increasingly showing interest in getting their children out of the cities to enjoy nature and learn about their agricultural roots, MCM has developed several farm-based edutainment projects.

MCM focuses on creating environments where children have fun, can explore and learn on their own and develop a deeper interest in nature. As Claudia Zhang, MCM’s China Manager states, “A close contact with nature can make children understand the world better. Let children realize that everything plays an important role in the whole sustainable ecological system. This is an important lesson we try to build into all of our agriculture based projects.” MCM designs these projects to arouse children’s curiosities, improve their knowledge, and develop the creative thinking style. Children can explore and interact with animals and plants in the farmland, creating a high quality learning process.

Farmland Activities

One of MCM’s latest projects in based around farmland camping: children can explore the relationships with food and nature; they can develop new skills, make new friends, and learn to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Farmland Activities
MCM has presented these parent-child farmland concepts to developers all over the country. They see them as a way to attract visitors to their projects while also serving as a great support to local school education. Children can learn knowledge about plants, insects, food and nutrition in their projects.

FParent Child Farmland explained by Michael Mitchell

Michael Mitchell, the founder of MCM group, insists the idea of sustainable. He hopes to pass these ideas to children. With a heart of caring children, MCM group will start the development of creative outdoor parent-child farmland. This will be the new milestone of MCM group. We are looking forward to your attention to parent-child farmland.