MCM Group Holds Experiential Design Conference at Nankai University in Tianjin, PRC

Dec 18, 2011 | Press Room

MCM Group held a design conference for leading Tianjin architectural firms, developers and students at Nankai University in Tianjin.  Various presenters included Fang Liang, President of Tianjin Huafang Architectural Design Co. and Michael C. Mitchell, Founder and President of MCM Group.


Mr. Mitchell introduced the theory of Experiential Design, of which MCM Group is a leading international proponent. Experiential Architecture starts by the designer analyzing the type of experience they want people to have in the design space and then to shape the forms to evoke that experience.  As Mr. Mitchell explained, “the goal of Experiential Design is to create a space that evokes a heightened experience, that focuses the senses and brings a deeper experience, creating space that is meaningful, inspiring, interesting – ultimately that engages the user to be involved in the space.”


The theory of Experiential Design is born of the unique circumstances of Los Angeles that has been a center of architectural creativity.  Mr. Mitchell’s unique experience of over forty years working with themed spaces, film and television sets, live event spaces, and sustainable design, has evolved a view that architecture for our everyday utilitarian needs (not just monuments, houses of worship, and iconic structures) has the capacity to enrich and uplift the human experience.


Mr. Mitchell explained MCM Group’s Design Methodology, “We focus on asking ourselves five key questions:


Emotions – what do we want a visitor/user to feel


Involvement – how do we want people to interact with the space


Participation – what do we want them to think or learn in our space


Sustainability – how do people and building function together to be more sustainable


Brand – what should be the public face/brand of the space (what should the public feel

looking at the space)”


The concepts were well received by the assembled architects and planners and MCM Group has been asked to establish a training seminar at a leading Tianjin university to support an ongoing exchange of ideas to further Experiential Design development in China.