MCM Completes Interim Designs for Hangzhou Auto Park

Dec 12, 2010 | Press Room

MCM Group International has completed the interim designs for China’s largest and most exclusive automobile park to be built in Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province located along the Southeast coast of China.

The first of its kind, the park, funded by both Jinhengde International Logistics Group and Yantai Yuacheng Enterprise Group, will combine car-related entertainment, culture, education, industrial and specialized retail services, all under one roof. Hangzhou has built a reputation as a car center with the Hangzhou Motor City, and the automobile park site is strategically located near the location of the International Auto Show.

The vision behind the MCM Group International design is to deliver premier automotive brands to the luxury lifestyle group; create a world-class car after market design and service center; and to form a family-based entertainment facility that nurtures a life-long love of the automobile and all aspects of the car culture.

“Our planning and design goal is to create an exciting and prestigious automotive themed destination that will boost the area’s economic vitality and growth, subsequently raising  the overall style and value of residential and office sales,” said Michael Mitchell, CEO of MCM Group International. “The design of this world-class automotive themed compound will also pay tribute to the region’s Liangzhu’s culture.”

The park will incorporate a cultural feature representing Liangzhu, a city dating back some 4,000 years recently uncovered near Hangzhou. The park’s design utilizes the city’s ancient symbols of the “Bi,” a circular ring used to worship heaven, and “Cong,” an elongated square tube used to worship earth. The park will be overlaid on this symbolic structure and will include an educational theme park with an interactive car museum, automotive exhibition hall; an IMAX theater; and automotive branded designer stores.