MCM Opens Garfield World!

Nov 8, 2016 | Press Room

Garfield World which is licensed and designed by MCM Group opens in Qingdao Vanke Center on November 8th.

Garfield World is one of MCM’s Licensed children’s programs

 In 2015, MCM Group received the exclusive licensing rights to open Garfield Children Centers in China. Michael Mitchell, CEO of MCM, leads the design work of Garfield World. As Mr. Mitchell explains, “Garfield World is designed to address the needs of the whole child – play, learning, and self-improvement. Besides entertainment and interior designers, MCM utilizes a team of professional children psychologists, teachers, trainers and operators to design the programs in the Centers.” MCM designed Garfield World to provide classic American-style ‘edutainment,’ having children learn through play.

Learn Through Playing – Importance of Play

 According to American Association of Children’s Psychology, playing takes a very important role in developing children’s imagination, feelings, learning abilities and creativity.

MCM’s General Manager in China, Claudia Zhang, commented about the design of Garfield World, “As parents pay closer attention to children’s education, traditional children play areas in malls can’t provide true learning experiences, and children education centers can’t satisfy the playing nature of children. Garfield World is designed to do both.” Garfield World offers fun interactive learning programs, entertainment, parties, retail, and leisure activities for parents and children.

In the near future, MCM has planned to roll out several more Garfield World’s through its network of strategic partners across China.