MCM Senior Designer Keynotes Chongqing Luneng 2017 Brand Release Conference

Oct 20, 2016 | Press Room

October 16, 2016 MCM Group was invited by Chongqing Luneng to deliver a keynote address at the 2017 Luneng Brand Release Conference. After the “Country Paradise” product line designed by MCM was released at a Beijing conference in April, “Country Paradise” projects have started throughout China. MCM has started “Country Paradise” design work in Longquan, Chongzhou, and Jiangjin projects in the Chongqing region. Chongqing is an important link in “Country Paradise” Strategy of Luneng Group.

Francesco Matinata, Senior designer of MCM (first one in the right, below) spoke about about the strengths of the Luneng “Country Paradise” brand:

As Mr. Matinata explained, “ ’Country Paradise’ is not only a product line or a brand; it is also a revolution of current lifestyle. Human walked from nature to village, from village to city. But humans never lost their inner desire to connect with nature and rural life. MCM has combined city cultural and technological amenities with rural nature in “Country Paradise”, combining culture with agriculture, greatly improving the development of rural areas.”

Brief Introduction of “Country Paradise”