MCM Wins International Competition to Design 200 Meter Tower

Dec 21, 2011 | Press Room

MCM Group design concept wins international competition to design 200 meter tower. The project includes a first-class hotel, office, trading floors, restaurants and retail mall. The overall shape and layout of the project mirrors the crescent-moon shape of the adjacent bay and ocean waves. The basic organization of the site is a crescent that is then modified and rotated on each level as it wraps around its fulcrum of a significant and dynamic public plaza.

A fifty-story tower is positioned on the eastern corner of the site with a lower wing to the southwest in order to maximize ocean views from the residential towers on the neighboring northwest parcel. The project is organized around a central outdoor plaza that acts as a fulcrum for all the various program functions. A major axis running through the plaza connects the residential towers on the adjacent northwest lot to numerous amenities and beach in the southeast. A secondary, perpendicular axis joins together the retail, trading, office and hotel elements. Automobile drop offs are provided for each of the main functions, including the retail mall and bank; the trading floors and office; and the hotel. A cantilevered trading center hovers high above and provides a covered entry plaza for both the office and trading functions.

Additionally, the plan calls for a number of systematic sustainable requirements for individual building development such as water efficiency and contaminant control, minimization of the urban heat island effect and energy efficiency. The project can help contribute to a sustainable urban environment by utilizing higher efficiency technologies.