MCM’s Conceptual Design for Iconic Jinan Theme Park

Jul 25, 2011 | Press Room

MCM Group International has just completed the first phase of the conceptual design for the 770 mu (127 acre) Dreamland Theme Park to be located 70 km south of Jinan City in Pingyin, Shandong Province, China.  Designed to a “fairyland” theme, the park is inspired by the region’s rose gardens with “rose fairy” stories central to the concept and construction of the park.

Drawing in the history and landscape of the area, MCM Group is creating iconic structures and landscaping to capture the essence of the region.

Roses were brought to the region 1300 years ago during the Tang Dynasty and today Pingyin is still the world’s top producer of traditional Chinese roses, whose oils are highly valued for their medicinal and cosmetic uses.

Five of the theme park’s 27 attractions and rides will be unique to Dreamland and found nowhere else on Earth. Taking the best from traditional theme parks, Dreamland also breaks from the large amusement park trend popular in the area: the Dreamland theme park is being developed to integrate the regional sightseeing attractions with retail and residential developments to create a pleasant atmosphere of leisure and holiday and a truly unique experience.