The Salon Season – How to Achieve Higher Value in Agriculture-based Leisure Projects

Apr 8, 2017 | Press Room

April 08, 2017, Beijing, PRC. In-depth Exploration on Questions Troubling Agricultural Leisure Projects in China

  • What’s more important, products or operation?
  • How to stand out from the rest of the agricultural leisure projects?
  • How to maintain constant appeal to tourists?
  • How to balance investment and project configuration?
  • What are the starting point and core principles of operation and management?
  • What are the common problems and misunderstanding in agricultural leisure projects operations?
  • How to develop agricultural leisure projects with limited capital?
  • How to break the seasonal limit in agricultural leisure projects operations?

Such questions flood in during the operation of the projects.

Mike is going to take you on a tour of the evolution history of farms on May 8. He is to show you how successful foreign farms operate and the product awareness evolves from the perspective of products and operation. Mike will make presence together with CEO of Krause Berry Farm from Canada. Founded in 1974, Krause Berry Farm has been operational for 43 successive years with 600,000 visitors each year (please note that the total population of Canada is only 30 million).

The Salon Season

Moreover, we also invited Tomato Farm Partner Mr. LI, Wisdom Academy Director YU and leaderships from Northern Landscape, Luneng Group and Orient Landscape to attend the event. They will share their experience and insights on agricultural projects from different perspectives.
Please raise your questions you encountered in the agricultural leisure projects through our Wechat platform. Because of limited seats, we have to select people to attend based on the questions raised. For that, please accept our deepest apologies.

However, we will post the content of the discussions in the event onto MCM’s Wechat platform for those who cannot attend. MCM will present more similar activities in the future. Thank you for your great kindness and support. Please stay tuned.

Registration Contacts:
ZHAO Yichen: 18601130175
CHEN Zheye: 13426464876

Please send your questions to this email address: [email protected]

Event starts at 14.00, May, 8.
Place: ChuangKe Café, Building B, RCDL Culture & Creative Industrial Base, Guangshun North Avenue, Chaoyang District, Beijing.